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RMA & DOA Policy

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RMA & DOA Policy

1. For RMA or DOA questions, please contact your sales person or reseller´s Quick Service. (Sales refers to the head office or sales agent, if the company has customer service department is transferred to the customer service staff)

2. Warranty period of 3 years, the warranty period of 5 years from the barcode data to calculate.

Barcode number example: "[Model name].[YYYY][WW][XXXX]" Year:YYYY,Week:WW.
This allows us to control the quality in each unit. (In the future, if I ship beyond the existing barcode number, you can use this method).

4. Please provide bar code number to check the warranty time.

5. For Taiwan customer please email to  
The expert will contact you within 2 days for further service. (The expert refers to the need to determine the fault and provide maintenance reports according to customer requirements. Analysis of the verification report, maybe maintenance or QA department).

6. In other areas, please send email to local sales agent and our expert will contact you within 2 days to provide further service.

7. In the event of a natural disaster, human error, or loss resulting from a user modification of the product, the service center assesses the condition and provides a cost estimate.

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